Originally another painting, I started this one off as a cover up for a piece that no longer resonated. I started off with a pink color because for some reason it was calling to me. If you are familiar with my most recent work, I do not normally dabble in the red and pink part of the color wheel. However, this time, the painting underneath this one had a yellow and pink theme going on so I kept it in the same vein. I then began letting my intuitive process unfold. I knew I was feeling a very minimalist vibe (at least compared to my most recent paintings.) I kept it at 3 color limit. I really played around with texture because the under painting had a lot of texture so I followed the texture that was already present. There are spots where the texture from under shows but it is not outlined but rather just painted over with the pink. I of course added my signature square motif and I took a cadmium red right out of the tube and onto the canvas and it just popped and that made me happy. I complimented it with a subtle purple square motif that kind of takes the eye down to the right.


30" x 36"

| Vibrant | Spirited | Ecstatic |