I have a love-hate relationship with this piece in many ways. The way it was made was purely intuitive. No pre-meditation or plan when it comes to the large swirly octopus-looking subject. I made the background and used a brush I do not normally use. With a very large brush I began swirling it around the canvas and realized the impression it left on the fresh background had such a profound depth. I then followed that voice that told me to flow with it and I began adding highlights and dark shadows. I really love the geometric square and rectangle shapes because it makes it feel otherworldly. A lot of anxiety was being dealt with at the time in regards to my life and the piece. I was absolutely not enjoying any of my creative decisions. Every time I would lay a color down or a shape I would judge it and judge myself harshly because it felt out of my control. Clearly it was because it has a powerful life of its own.


36" x 48"

| Subconscious | Dark | Peaceful |