Inspired by a conversation with a friend who asked why I haven’t made a red painting yet? So I began making a background that would speak to me. By adding some reds, white and blue, which gave a purple tone at the right hand side of the painting, I got the background and took a similar approach that I take with a lot of my paintings which is make a random meaningless line or squiggly outline and build from there. This time around squiggles turned into circular motions and it gave this outline that kind of looks like a cloud. I added some depth with the dark purples and light pinks and of course my squares and dots. The vibe of this piece was inspired by my sensual side. I was listening to some soul RnB and it really helped put me in the mood to create this piece. Red to me is sensuality, sexuality, love, grounding and the primitive.


24"x 48"

| Sensual | Playful | Dream |