I named this piece Out of the Blue because this figure is being created out of this blue water wave like element. Out of the Blue meaning out of nowhere but also Out of the Blue, blue being the water like element. I began this piece as I usually start my figurative pieces, with a photograph. I get inspired at odd times and when inspiration calls I must answer no matter what I am doing. Luckily my schedule is flexible so I started taking photographs of myself in different positions, some simple, some quite complex (like the pose I used for my piece entitled Reborn). The photograph I used for this piece was one of me with my top pulled down off both shoulders so it looked as if I was being squeezed by my shirt. I thought that was an interesting thing to riff off of. Instead of the shirt squeezing the figure in this piece, the water was the one squeezing. The idea of not having a face and connecting everything together had not yet come into my awareness as an idea. I started with the torso. I had drawn part of a face but then thought to myself it would be cool if the figure was completely engulfed and at the mercy of this unknown dark force. That is when I decided to have the face become something in transition of being created. I of course had to incorporate my square motif in some way so I did so in the connection between the torso and the face.


16" x 16"

| Out of the Blue |