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I have a soft spot for this piece entitled Lapse. The title came to me because when I gazed at it after its completion, the main thought that kept coming to me was about the passage of time and how in this piece it looks as though there is movement but also a pause. Almost as though this hand is in the midst of controlling all the elements in the piece. The hand is lit up as though it is in direct connection with the source of light in the middle of the piece. It has an otherworldly feel. The process for this was rather simple. I have a soft spot for this piece because it is the first piece I created in the figurative style after a 4-5 month hiatus from anything figurative or realistic. I had gone on an abstract adventure and had just come back. I then thought to myself I should begin with something simple with a tad bit of difficulty. It ended up being easier than I expected. An amazing thing I realized about my abilities is that because I spent so much time painting solely intuitively in my abstract phase, it bled into my ability to replicate something from a photo onto a canvas. I was able to paint that hand in a record time, not to say that I was rushing, in fact the total opposite. I got into a state of flow so easily and so effectively that the color mixing came to me in the most elegant way. I had no trouble capturing the light in the hand. It was hyper natural to me. I then had to decide what was the wisest way to use the rest of the space on the canvas.


16" x 20"

| Lapse |