Inspiration makes you do funny things.

Divine intervention comes through yet again, I was inspired to challenge myself,  but more specifically challenge my intuitive sense. This is the second time I try this method. I made it so the room was dark, I added the blindfold to help darken the colors even more. I could see a little bit through the scarf mostly just so I wouldn’t stab myself with the palette knife. I had an idea of what colors I was grabbing and where I was squeezing them. I was able to tell the difference between light and dark but not the difference between colors. This was the result and I was more than amazed. The colors, the way the blues popped, i was in total shock. I could barely see what i was doing. You can check out the video of this piece being made on my instagram page.


30" x 36"

In the Dark 2 | Made Blindfolded |