• Sasha Di

What is art?

This is a topic of discussion in many of my conversations lately so I thought I would put it in writing and see if we can get the ball rolling on this. I have changed a lot as a person and an artist over the years. My views about what i feel art to be have changed a lot as well. I like to break things down to the basic and simple. Art is a general term but I think the definition I have found in my life as a painter and an artist can be used for any type of art form.

I have a degree in Art History and I am well aware that the meaning of art or at least the way people view it has changed immensely over the years. From a way of solely documenting life to now being something people do in their free time, it took a lot of pissing people off to get to where we are today in the art world. But still this question remains today of how can we define art, The easy answer is, art is what it means to you, to some degree this is true but I do believe there is a universal answer, a simple answer that to me is a big deciding factor of what makes something art or not.

This goes for any form of expression be it dance, music, acting, painting, drawing, singing, when someone has it, they have it. Let me explain what “it” is. “It” is that thing being expressed that just moves you in some way that you cannot put into words. You are taken out of your brain and into your body, it is a grounding experience. You are in a state of awe. This thing you are viewing, you do not want to stop looking it and it and as you watch or look, it is bringing you into a world where you are seeing things differently than you normally do. This thing you are viewing is making you wonder how a human can produce such a thing. You experience a magical moment. You see this person or people as super human. You are in totally surrender. If you are looking at a thing be it art, dance, etc and you think “I don’t get it, let me try to find what makes it art” you have missed the boat. The feeling I am talking about is the feeling that happens in the first seconds of coming into contact with this thing. It is the initial visceral, childlike reaction you experience. It jumps out at you. In that moment you are connecting to what the artist is connecting to in order to even produce the thing in the first place. Flow is real and it is channeled in many ways. It is how the person or the conduit has the ability to channel it through. That is when we recognize someone as talented or gifted.

We recognize talent greatly and we want to be in the presence of it and want more of it. This is why we pay hundreds of dollars to be in the presence of someones flow and energy. That is what art is to me. The give and take of the energy that is being emanated from the human to the thing back to the human viewing it. Talent is something that can be seen right away. When you are in the car with someone singing along and just the smallest hint of vibrato and being on key we look at the person and say "you can sing?!". We love it when someone can do something so perfectly and with such ease that it is harmonious in every way for our eyes, or ears. we recognize it and want to elevate it. Or be jealous of it if you are someone who has low self-esteem. Either way, we recognize and even idolize these people.

It is hard these days, in a world where we have access to so much information and see so much on social media. People doing or making things that are not necessarily different or authentic but are considered artists. I guess the reason I am so passionate about this is because I have struggled for years to find my authentic voice as a creator and I finally have stumbled upon something that is truly me and truly resonates with my soul and my spirit. I know what it feels like to create using a flow energy and for people to then recognize it. I am proud to call myself an artist now. When I was painting before this new found creative voice, I would shy away from calling myself an artist because I felt it deep within that I was not creating with the real me, I was creating what I thought others wanted to see and solely using my brain. I can assure you when you come into contact with art that rings throughout your body, that artist did something that their brain cannot even comprehend. It comes from somewhere else. That is what you feel when you are in the presence of true art.

Remember this is just a perspective and I welcome responses and different opinions, in fact I encourage you to let us know how you feel about what I wrote and your views on what art is

The process of this piece is where you can see I am totally in flow and connected with the music I chose to paint with. I really let myself get lost in the song and it was guiding my hand in a way I had never really painted before. Everything came to me when it needed to and in a moment I knew exactly what to do. I hope you can feel through this video the synchronization between the painting and the music.

Music by Skeleton Beach